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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hitch by Jeanette Ingold

Double whammy.

Good book. Good boy book.

Mind you, I know it’s a good book because my tween girls both read it and gave it the thumbs up. I am especially appreciative when I come across books that have strong male characters who are worthy of learning with as you follow their story .

This is set in the Depression and we see it through the eyes of Moss, a young man who joins Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps. Moss stumbles upon the Corps while looking for his father who has left his family ostensibly looking for work but ending up drinking his pay and walking out on his job. Pride seems to get in the way of more than a few weak men Moss knows, and he faces far-reaching choices about which role models he will follow and whose advice he takes.

It’s a coming-of-age novel worthy of your time. Moss becomes a man of character who perseveres in doing what’s right even when it is not recognized or rewarded. The two girls he has an interest in are also upright and worthy of emulating. The story is engaging and believable, and I learned a lot about the CCC.

It is, in fact, hard NOT to cheer for the CCC and the work the men did to help the country while receiving food and money vital for their families. Still, I have questions about the role of government involvement in economic recovery, and while that was not an issue addressed in this book, it’s worth exploring. We found the book a springboard for such research and discussion.

Good storytelling; good history lessons; good moral lessons. You stand a good chance of liking this one!


Historical Fiction: Great Depression; 1930's


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