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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

Rollicking good fun. Here is a book that needs to be read before seeing the movie because it is ever-so-superior.

Some people don't know that this book was originally written for an adult-audience. The narration interspersed throughout the story(it appears in italics) is a narrator who speaks directly to us readers. In the movie, this was charmingly done by the grandfather to the boy. In the book, it is adult satire and interferes with the story. Tween readers should be instructed to skip it entirely. It especially ruins the end of the story if you read the alternative endings. Trust me. Skip the impulse to read more.

Otherwise, it is grand book with sword fights, poisonous frogs, dangerous creatures, bad guys, good guys, and all the fun a boy could want. Thus, the romance is bearable for the guys.

Rating: 3 Vatican Flags


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