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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whales on Stilts by M.T. Anderson

Absolutely nutty, over--the-top goofy book. It's bound to please some young tweens and make them smile...if not laugh outright.

The premise is that Lily's father works far a strange company. There is strange.... and then there is strange. This is the latter. Her father's boss is a whale. His disguise slips a bit the day Lily visits her father at work.

It is fortunate for the world that Lily puts the clues together, is not fooled by the disguise, and manages to rally her 2 remarkable friends to help save the world from the impending invasion of whales and their malicious attempts to conquer the world. And yes, the rest of the story and characters are as eccentric as the story line.

Other than a humorous description of an uncle that includes calling him a "weiner," and the destructive trampling of the whales in a thwarted battle to conquer the world, it's a silly-but-safe story.

I admit the humor was mostly wasted on someone my age, but I found a source of amusement in the follow-up book discussion questions that followed the story. Luckily, they were about as serious as the book and pretty witty. Hard to say if the book will tickle your tween's funny bone, but it's worth a try.



Nancy Piccione November 19, 2010 at 8:34 AM  

I've got this on hold from the library. We need good laughs around here, so thanks for the suggestion! I'm reading "The Strictest School in the World" right now. I'm not completely loving it, but it's has some good moments. I didn't see a review when searching here, but I know those don't always work; have you reviewed it here?

Tween Lit Crit November 20, 2010 at 9:24 PM  

The humor in this one is, I think, geared to the younger crowd... it seems quite popular with them. It's part of a series, so if it proves worthy, you can get more books with the same characters...

You just introduced me to "The Strictest School in the World," and it looks quite promising from what I googled... Thank you! I'm signing off to see if my library has it..

(I am reading 3 tween novels at the moment, and The Hobbit aloud for the 3rd time, and I got caught up in an adult book: Rachel's Contrition. I recommend it for adult reading... Sophia Press...) But Strictest School is next...

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