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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Toad Rage by Morris Gleitzman

This story is not a personal favorite of mine, but it has its appeal.

We are treated to a cane toad’s point of view. Cane toads are rather ugly, warty, poisonous toads from Australia. And my feeling of repulsion toward them is, apparently, echoed by many Australians….

Which is why our toad-friend in this book ends up on a long journey, traveling to the Olympic Games in Sydney where he plans to convince humans to make him a mascot and thus build friendship where currently only human disgust for the cane toad dominates.

Good luck with that. Especially when toads don’t speak or croak anything recognizably English.

Sure enough, he has a lot of luck. And he needs it time and again as he encounters one human after another along with other predators intent on his demise. This toad is full of Christian charity, however, and never a shred of bitterness interferes with his quest.

If squashed toads, insect-dinners, and warty skin don’t bother you, you’ll probably grin your way through this light-hearted toad story.

SAFETY RATING: 3 Vatican Flags


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