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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Catholic Reluctantly by Christian Frank

This is a marvelous new series that I'm looking forward to. The story is based on a girl who runs into danger in her new high school, so her mother moves her to the new Catholic high school that just started up. This school is quite small, and it is begun by a group of parents who are Catholic: the orthodox kind. The main character's mother was raised Catholic but is not practicing. The main character is unsure of this new school, its students, and mission.

This thoroughly modern book is believable because it is quite straightforward about living the Catholic faith as a teen today. It engages real issues of faith, doubt, and concern for others, including their spiritual lives, but it doesn't do it at the expense of the story. Tweens do think about these things, and it's a relief to read a book that addresses that in a way other than the morally-relativistic pop view. This story moves, has believeable characters to care about, and a natural flow that sets a good pace.

The fact that my 13 yr. old disappeared with it and finished it without being asked is a high recommendation. It is written from a boy and girl's perspective, and is equally appealing to both genders.

Oops. My unofficial blog rule is to read a book front-to-back to alert parents of anything questionable. I did read this front-to-back, but it was months ago. Marge Fenelon just reviewed this in the Catholic Register, and she points out the book has several mildly suggestive scenes (a mention of Playboy), and uses the words "hot" and "sexy." For that, I'm changing my rating, and I agree with her that this is for older tweens.

Rating: 2 Vatican Flags


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