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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sister of the Bride by Beverly Clearly

Yes, this is the author of The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Ramona the Brave. I didn't know she had titles for older children until recently.

The main character of this book is a junior in high school, but this should interest tweens as well. The main character has an 18 year old sister in college who gets engaged. This book follows the events, excitement, and angst of wedding planning through the eyes of her younger sister.

It's as wholesome and simple as an episode from the Brady Bunch. After wading through much adolescent literature, I must say it is nice to read of siblings who fight without crossing the line into name-calling and vulgar words.

There are lessons involved about the commitment and power of love. The characters, thankfully, get married before acting married. My single nitpick is the lack of attention to the welcoming of children in a marriage.

Also by this author: The Luckiest Girl
Rating: 3 Vatican Flags


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