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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure: Everest by Bill Doyle

Full Disclosure: we like the Worst-Case Scenario. We read the game cards in our car in lieu of watching movies. It’s been quite helpful; we all feel better now that we know what to do in case of alien abduction.

Seriously now. On to the book. This is a terrific update of the Choose-Your-Own Adventure series and we enjoyed its reading-lite fare on our camping trip: even the non-eager reader picked it up in a moment of boredom.

Why couldn’t this book have been around when I was reading Choose-Your-Own-Adventure? I like it better. First, you’re introduced to your team… each with a little pic and bio, then you are invited to read the Expedition File at the back. Go back, and much to parental delight, there are maps, colored pics and some geography-lite that kids find appealing to set the stage, disguised as adventure-prep. For example, you could learn how to say “hello” in Nepal, and what food you may encounter as you trek into your base camp.

Then, there are the brief “How to Survive and Ice Avalanche,” and other challenging scenarios we fans of Worst-Case Scenario like to read up on. You know. Just in case. In this case, you’re prepared for your reading since you will now flip to the front of the book and navigate through the ascent of Mt. Everest, choosing your next page based on your level-headed decisions. If you choose correctly 26 times in a row, you will navigate the one safe path through the pages.

I’m ready for the next adventure. Bring on the aliens.



Nancy Piccione June 13, 2011 at 2:22 PM  

I haven't visited in awhile, but I am always so glad to get good suggestions for our family's voracious readers. This one looks like terrific for a summer trip. Thanks again for all your great reviews!

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